Huma Solutions for Logistics Industry

At Huma we understand that time of always of the essence in the logistics industry and is the reason we always work closely with your team, to get most accurate feedback and needs, whether it is improving on dispatching software or warehouse management software, we can create custom apps, for a more convenient and efficient way to communicate and exchange necessary e-paperwork within your organization.

Huma's Mobile Express Delivery Systems automates parcel delivery operations for real-time data exchange between mobile devices and back-end systems. This improves service delivery and end user satisfaction while boosting employee efficiency.

Courier & Express

At Huma, we innovate across key technology domains and apply critical thinking to Logistics solutions powered by current and emerging technologies, like Big Data Analytics and Visualization, Mobile, IoT and UX and HMI.

Our aim is to create transparency – enabling real-time, actionable information flow in supply chains. This allows our clients to enter new markets faster, outperform competitors, and retain and service their customers more effectively.

Freight, Forwarding and Mail

Technology applications can prove to be a key differentiator in the Freight, Forwarding and Mail sectors, where we deliver a range of leading solutions including:

Private Big Data Platform-as-a-Service allows analysis of huge volumes of logistics data in close to real-time, improving quality of mail delivery at a lower cost.

Streamline operations with booking and tracking capabilities on one platform. An intuitive online portal helps enable scheduling, pricing and quoting, booking, tracking and reporting all in one convenient place.

Supply Chain Management

Huma's Supply Chain Event Management solution delivers a centralized, transparent supply chain featuring end-to-end order management control and value features, such as performance analysis for suppliers and risk management. Customers enjoy real-time business process control and truly accountable supply chain visibility.

Furthermore, our Risk Management Data Visualization solution enables delivery incident tracking and risk visualization with the ability to predict and prevent delays. Fast, comprehensive visualizations from any device makes risk management simple.