Cloud Computing is now seen as a credible, cost-effective solution to the ever-increasing demands that exponential data growth is placing on legacy IT infrastructure requirements, while delivering the opportunity for greater business agility as the financial services sector moves into the digital era. Since cost reduction is a key driver in today’s economic climate, it’s crucial that firms do all they can to make their IT operations more efficient.

We help global financial sector clients to determine effective optimization solutions for their infrastructure. This expands from the formulation of a crisp Cloud strategy to assistance with architecture, engineering and PoC phases.

The Power of Cloud

Through public, private and hybrid clouds, we’re experts in creating flexible, cost efficient and powerful infrastructure. We formulate unique cloud strategies for our clients based on their requirements and the latest industry developments. We support the architecture, engineering and proof-of-concept to overcome challenges related to SLA management, security, data or performance.

Cloud Solutions that Simply Fit

We provide engineering services for public, hybrid and private cloud solutions that are tailored to your specific business requirements. We make the most of our vendor relationships with Microsoft (Azure), Amazon (AWS) and Google (GCP) to bring the best Cloud-based solutions to the market. We also leverage Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions, such as Amazon Elastic Map Reduce, in order to simplify deployment of specialist technologies around Big Data and Compute Grids.

Our Experience Makes the Difference

Our depth of knowledge in Financial Services, experience, and technical expertise set us apart. We have a strong, global team of Cloud-enabled application developers and a proven track record in successful implementation of Cloud solutions in the Financial Services sector. Our clients have benefited from our integrated onshore and nearshore delivery models that have been deployed in major financial centers such as London, New York, Sydney and Singapore, while our innate understanding of Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud platforms ensure the best possible guidance.

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