Financial Services is facing a data explosion but navigating big data landscape is complicated. NoSQL and Hadoop-based solutions have proved to be effective alternatives to traditional databases, file systems or even Data Grids. When combined with Cloud computing technologies, there is now the potential to build incredibly scalable and performant big data solutions at a greatly reduced cost.

Our experience and unique expertise means we can skillfully guide you through big data, from planning and advisory to solution implementation.

Deep Expertise in Big Data

At Huma, our experience, technical expertise and depth of knowledge in Financial Services set us apart. We have a global team of experts in distributed computing, certified big data architects and domain subject matter experts. Over many years, we have forged strong relationships with Cloudera, Hortonworks and DataStax, developing intimate knowledge of their solutions that now benefit our clients. Leveraging our market and industry expertise, we bridge the gap between vendor technology and new Financial Services use cases. We also emphasize focus on innovation, which elevates our solutions in so many client engagements where breakthrough thinking is essential.

At Technology Forefront

As committed technologists and big data thought leaders, we actively contribute to the open source community. Our open-source caching solution, Mache, is a fine example of this, as too are the regular industry benchmarks and insights we publish, sharing knowledge and insight with fellow engineers. Our experience, gained in Financial Services, Telecom and Automotive industries, covers a variety of related fields - front end, cloud and container technologies among others. This insight allows us to see a bigger picture of big data adoption challenge. We always select and implement the best solutions that are the right fit for client technology landscape, which in turn eliminates inefficiencies and unforeseen costs.

End-to-End Delivery

We help our clients define and implement their Big Data strategy every step of the way, from architecture and product selection, through NoSQL engineering, client portal development with client-centric UX, to analytics reporting and visualization. All this works to ultimately build integrated data-driven organizations. Our consultants evaluate systems and define the requirements and technology stack needed to make client big data initiatives a success. They develop bespoke solutions, including system migration from legacy technologies to HTML5.

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